Fire and Rain

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As we were seeking the Lord for the August 2016 gathering, He spoke clearly to us that He would release 7 calls to the gathering. One of these calls He said would come through a worship night for our city that He asked us to do on May 14. At that time we had no idea what the Lord would release or what direction the worship would take - we simply presented ourselves without agenda in full abandonment to the Lord and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  This recording is the result.

We believe that what was released that night is a now word, especially to the Church in our city and province, but more broadly to the body of Christ in this hour.  And that's why we felt to make it available as quickly and easily as possible.  You may listen to it streaming or download it below.   If your heart witnesses with what you hear, please ask the Lord if He would have you sow to help underwrite the costs of the CD and enable us to release more of this worship over our province.  If you would like to give you can do so via our secure server by clicking here and under giving options choose "Fire and Rain CD". 

Because of the free-flow continual nature of this worship, it was not easy to divide it into separate tracks and so we are releasing it as it happened, as one continuous file.  However to help you find specific parts of the CD we are providing a "track list" with timecodes below

Fire And Rain
Worship Leaders:  Brent Schaitel, Deanna Campbell, Stephanie Mainville
Band:  Brent Schaitel (Guitar), Stephanie Mainville (Piano), Ryan Jacobsen (Bass), Josh Steffen (Drums), Steve Boyd (Percussion)

Track 1 -  Have Your Way

Track 2 - Let it Echo (11:38)

Track 3 - Let the Rain Come (14:46)

Track 4 - We Need Your Rain (21:34)

Track 5 - Life Springs Up (24:05)

Track 6 - Let It Echo (reprise) (31:25)

Track 7 - Cry Out (37:44)

Track 8 -  Obsession (46:13)

Track 9 - Passion Stirring (49:32)

Track 10 - Obsession (reprise) (55:48)

Track 11 -  Fire and Rain (01:00:30)

Track 12 - Just One Look (01:11:58)

Listen:  Fire and Rain   Clicking on this link will take you to another site where you can listen to or download the CD.  If you have any questions or need technical help, then please email